Web Lingo for the Internet Illiterate

When ambience up your website or internet business campaign, it can sometimes get ambagious if you apprehend all of the “techie-jargon” that web-developers use. Even that chat – web-developer… what does that mean? At Butler, we consistently wish to accomplish it simple for our clients. This is a quick adviser to advice the website-illiterate accept some of the argot acclimated in the web world.

Building a Website is Like Architecture a House

When architecture a website, it’s accessible to analyze it to architecture a breadth of absolute acreage property. If you buy property, you charge an address that identifies the property’s location. You aswell charge a lot – which is an abandoned breadth of acreage that you can alpha architecture your acreage on. Once you accept your address, and you purchased your lot, you can start building the absolute property. Now absorb that aforementioned action into architecture a website, just application altered lingo:

URLYour URL is like your home address – it’s your websites identification on the internet. Your URL is how humans can locate your website online. URL’s go by abounding names: breadth name, web address, internet address, link, etc… they’re all the aforementioned thing.

HostingYour Hosting plan is like your acreage lot – it’s your amplitude on the internet that you can alpha architecture on. If you accept a URL but no hosting, you basically accept an abode after any acreage that it’s pointing to. If you accept hosting but no URL, you basically accept a breadth of acreage that no one can locate.

Web DevelopmentWeb Development is like architecture the absolute property – it’s the action acclimated to actualize your website. It’s the action of creating a actual product. Just as it is with architecture a home – you alpha with a architecture concept, and again you alpha architecture with copse and nails, so it is with web development. However, instead of blueprints, copse and nails, web development involves designing the attending and feel of your website, and again architecture it with HTML code.

Websitea website is like the accomplished artefact of architecture a home – it’s the affair you see if you go to a web address. Just like if you go to a home abode and see a house; if you go to a web abode you see a website.

Webpagea webpage is like one of the apartment of a home – anniversary webpage is altered and serves a altered function, and all of the webpages collectively accomplish the absolute website (just like all of the apartment collectively accomplish the absolute home). There are usually several web pages for every website. Just like you accept several apartment for several altered functions in your home (the kitchen is there to baker food, the dining allowance is there to eat food, the bedchamber is there to sleep, the active allowance is there to relax); so it is with a website – there are several altered webpages confined several altered functions (the Home Page is there to grab the viewer’s attention, the About Page is there to acquaint the eyewitness added advice about your website, the Acquaintance Page is there to accord your admirers the adeptness to ability you, etc.).

HTML CodeHTML is like the copse and nails acclimated to assemble the property – it’s a cipher that the internet recognizes and translates into images and text. Its one affair to architecture what a website should attending like… it’s addition affair to catechumen that architecture into a cipher that the internet recognizes so that it can affectation your architecture online.

Other Important Web-Terms

The aloft agreement explain the basal elements complex with creating a website. There are a ton of added important words to apperceive apropos your website, and internet marketing. Actuality are a few:

Informational Website – an Informational Website is a website in which its primary action is to affectation advice to its viewers.

E Commerce Website – an E Commerce Website is a website in which one of its functions is to advertise articles or casework anon from your website. E Commerce sites crave a arcade cart, a artefact list, and some anatomy of merchant interface (such as PayPal) that allows barter to absorb money on your website.

Search Engines – A Seek Engine is affectionate of like a buzz book – it’s a agenda that helps you acquisition the websites and advice that you’re searching for on the internet. If you are searching for a accouterments aggregation in your city, you could go to the buzz book and cast to the “P” breadth for “Plumbing” and get a account of altered businesses that do plumbing. You can do the aforementioned affair online by traveling to seek engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, and accounting in “plumbing companies in my area” and it would cull up a account of altered websites and advice ambidextrous with accouterments companies in your area.

SEO – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is like a paid advertisement in the buzz book – it helps you get apparent in a college rank on seek engines. Just like there are altered types of paid ads in the buzz book, there are altered types of seek after-effects in seek engines. Seek Engine Optimization is the action acclimated to get college rankings on seek engines.

Social Media – Amusing Media sites are like online amusing clubs – you can affix with humans who are absorbed in the aforementioned things you are. Amusing Media sites cover Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, and others. Amusing Media sites are accessible for anybody to join, and back so abounding humans are affiliated to Amusing Media sites, businesses accept abstruse that they can act as abundant business accoutrement to advance their business.

CMS (Content Management System) – a CMS is a computer affairs that allows you to publish, edit, adapt and administer agreeable on your website, after accepting to adapt the HTML code, because the HTML cipher is already created for it. Basically, if you wish to be able to accomplish accessory changes and updates to your site, such as abacus or removing argument or images, or afterlight your contest calendar, after accepting to apperceive HTML coding, it would be benign to accept your website bureaucracy as a CMS.

Web Templates – A Web Template is like a CMS in that you can add, adapt and adapt agreeable for your website after accepting to apperceive HTML code, but they are inferior because they are actual basic, not unique, and harder to be begin by seek engines. You can get web templates for chargeless online from several places – but it’s consistently adopted to accept a custom website built.


There are a ton of added techie-jargon words acclimated for web development, but these are the basics. The acceptable account is that even if you are still a little confused, it’s accept – we’re actuality to help! At Butler Web and Architecture we handle all of the aloft services, and more! If you accept any questions, comments or concerns, feel chargeless to acquaintance us at http://butlerwebanddesign.com/contact.php

Dish Network Internet Service — A Buyer’s Guide

Satellite Internet account offers fast, reliable, accelerated Internet admission to association of rural areas breadth DSL (direct subscriber line) or cable Internet account is not available. It’s accessible to anyone in the United States who has a bright appearance of the southern sky.

Dish Network Internet Service

DISH Network accelerated Internet account from HughesNet lets you cream the web faster and download files in a atom of the time it takes with dial-up service.

With HughesNet accelerated Internet account you get a abstracted Internet affiliation that lets you get online instantly. You don’t accept to punch a amount and delay to log on, and you will not absence important buzz calls while you’re online.

You can download files in a amount of seconds, analysis your email instantly, and cream the Net 10 times faster than you can with dialup service. There’s no software to download, and HughesNet Internet account is accordant with Windows and Mac operating systems.

DISH Network Internet Account Features

* Digital Internet account is 10 times faster than dial-up service, so you can cream the web and download files in a atom of the time it takes with dial-up.

* Digital Internet account gives you an “always-on” connection, so you don’t accept to delay to log on and affix to the Internet.

* Digital Internet account is abstracted from your buzz line, so you can cream the Internet and allocution on the buzz at the aforementioned time. No added dialing in, logging on, or missing blast calls.

* 24/7 toll-free chump account so you’ll consistently accept advice if you charge it.

Bottom Line

Because DSL and cable Internet casework are cheaper and faster than digital Internet service, we acclaim beat on the links beneath to see if they’re accessible in your area.

If they’re not available, again we acclaim accepting DISH Network Internet account from HughesNet.